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Our Mission:

We believe in offering a high quality and innovative show series that truly supports the horse and rider team with experience, education and sportsmanship; ensuring a positive future growth in the Hunter/Jumper sport.

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Since 2017, the Revolution Series has been honored with the privilege of offering Thoroughbred Incentive Program classes, derbies and high point awards for Jockey Club registered OTTBs. Click to learn more.

What is a Clinic + Classic Show?

We only offer the best!
The Revolution Series strives to find the absolute top Professional Trainers and Competitors to offer exhibitors a chance to clinic before these competitive shows. The rider can then apply what they had learned from the clinic to the show ring.
Our Clinicians also serve as the Judge of that show. Only during our Summer series will we host two shows, as our Clinic + Classic Sweepstakes, that will offer intensive clinics. These clinics will take place on Friday and Saturday, with open showing to follow on Sunday. With limited spots at various levels, our clinics are popular and sell out fast. We recommend reserving a spot as soon as it is announced. Our popular jackpot sweepstakes $250 Stakes divisions and a $500 Signature Stakes class draw great crowds for Sunday showing, as well as the weekend's social events and special features.
We welcome you to #jointherevolution
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